Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Week 6

Kia ora Whānau

Yes it is camp week. It feels like just the other day we we were starting the year and you all found out we go on camp in November, well here we are!!!!

So what do you need to know:

  • We head off from school just after 9:30 on Wednesday and we will return by 2:30 on Friday.
  • Please check your gear list to make sure you have everything that your child needs to be warm and cosy on camp.
  • Sunblock is a must and this needs to be NAMED and with enough to last the whole camp. 
  • Sunhats, all students need to bring their NAMED school hat, no caps will be allowed on camp.
  • All items, no matter how small, need to be NAMED.
  • Please see below information on our timetable, activities etc.
  • Medication needs to come to Molly, on Monday morning, in a named bag with instructions.

We know your child and you maybe feeling a bit anxious about this up coming adventure. We have a great team going and we know and understand your child. They will have an amazing time.

Camp information:
Parents coming on camp (there has been a couple of changes)

  • Jess Kerr
  • Catherine Polden
  • Jodi Williamson
  • Kate Walton
  • Hannah Leary
  • Chris Miller
  • Paul Clemence
  • Scott Pritchard
  • Boyd Chamberlain
  • Laurie Ward

Camp Gear List
-       Large bag or suitcase (to keep everything in)
-       Day pack
-       Sleeping bag
-       Blanket (in case it turns cold at night)
-       Pillow & pillow case

-       PJ’s (please no onesies)
-       Warm jersey or bush shirt (woollen or fleece)
-       Sweatshirt
-       T-shirts (enough for each day)
-       Shorts
-       Trousers
-       Underwear - enough for each day
-       Thermal Underwear – (polypropylene or Long Johns)
-       Socks (enough for each day + a spare pair)
-       Waterproof jacket / raincoat preferably with hood
-       Sneakers/Covered shoes (these are necessary for activities)
-       Spare shoes, sandals or Jandals (not suitable for activities)
-       Toilet Bag: Toothbrush /Toothpaste/ Face Cloth / Soap/Hair brush
-       Drink Bottle
-       Torch and spare batteries
-       Towel Togs (suggest one piece for girls)
-       Sun hat (SCHOOL HAT ONLY)
-       Sun block and Insect repellent
-       Plastic bags (for dirty & wet clothes)
-       Medication (to be given to camp leader/teacher  with written instructions)
-       A good sense of fun

Most of our camp activities run rain or shine. Please come prepared for fun and adventure no matter what the weather. The items on this list are things we suggest you should bring so that you can make the most of your time at camp. You may need to borrow from friends and family if you do not have these items.
Please make sure everything is clearly named. 

Ngā mihi nui
Paula, Molly and Hayley

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Week 5

Kia ora whānau,

We have said "goodbye" to our student teachers today, Lucy and Rosanna and we wish them luck with the rest of their teacher training.

What you need to know for next week:
a notice will be going home today re: calendar art ordering

Eddie is raising money for KidsCan. He is asking for small donations to reach $30 to help a child in need for a week. The poster will be in the team for you to stick coins to. 

What's on next week:
Tuesday 4pm: Camp meeting for parents attending 

Friday: Show day- School closed

Have a lovely weekend in the sun!

Molly & Paula

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Week 4

Kia ora whānau,

Wow! What a great day. Here are some snaps of fun:

Thanks for a great day everybody!

What you need to know:

• Old books- If you have any full exercise books at home eg. reading or maths that was used during the first half of the year, we are asking for these to be brought back to school to do a learning reflection.

What's happening next week:

Tuesday: Kids for kids choir. Notice went home during the week. 

-Tūhura assembly. Please join us for our assembly item from 1:40pm
-Last day of placement for Lucy and Rosanna

Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

Molly, Paula, Lucy & Rosanna

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Week 3 - Pet Show

So whats happening next week:
  • Monday school closed - Labour Day
  • Friday Pet Show - details on this will be emailed out to all families on Tuesday.
Please remember every child needs a sunhat at school each day. This needs to be our blue school regulation hat and not a cap.

Hope you all have a relaxing long weekend and enjoy the sun.

Ngā mihi nui Paula, Molly, Ali and Hayley.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Week 2

Kia ora whanau,

Yes! Athletics on Tuesday. Hopefully the weather plays the game. If we are needing to postpone, information will be shared on Monday.
Extra things to remember:
Drink bottle
• Hat/Sunblock
• Running shoes

What else is happening next week?
• PTA Sausage Sizzle - order via KINDO
• Ag Club Pet Projects due Friday 25 October
• Grow Projects and Photography due Friday 25 October
-please bring these to Tūhura
Ag Club Garden Projects are not due until Monday 25 November

Other important things to know:
Friday Week 3 - Pet show and Farmers Market

Ngā mihi nui
Paula, Molly, Ali and Hayley

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Welcome back to Term 4!

Welcome back to Term 4!

Hope you have all had a nice relaxing, fun time with your families.

So what's happening this week:
  • We are very happy to welcome Hayley back into our team this term.
  • We welcome back our University Students, Rosanna and Lucy, who were with us in term 2, they are in our team for the first 4 weeks of the term.
  • Athletics practise is everyday this week, please wear correct footwear.
Please make sure your child has a named hat and drink bottle at school this term.  Every child has to wear a HAT in term 4, when outside. 

Please make sure your child has all the equipment they need for learning, like glue sticks, pencils etc. We know that these can often go missing and this is hard for us to keep track of, but if all items are named this is helpful. For some children less is more, so perhaps you can keep a supply at home and only allow them to bring one pencil case, with a few items and you can replace these as needed.

With Ali joining us for Literacy for the first part of the term, we are changing our daily timetable around. So starting week one, literacy will now be in the mornings starting just after 9am. Handwriting and spelling will still be done at our CHILL time of 8:30 to 8:55am. 

Please be aware that the teachers often have morning meetings so the classroom is open for learning from 8:30am, before this time there is no guaranteed supervision for students.

We look forward to a fun term with your fabulous children.

Ngā mihi nui
Paula, Molly, Hayley and Ali

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Week 10- Last week of term!

Wow! Where's the term gone! Hopefully you're all looking forward to the holidays.

What's on next week:

Monday: Cricket for Year 3's
* Choose to be talented Top 10 auditions
* Play's Shared with the team. Your child is taking part in a play and they have been asked to learn their lines. The book has been sent home to practise and some dress ups might be required for certain groups.
* To celebrate an awesome term in Tūhura we are going to have a fort building Day with a shared morning tea. Your child can bring a few items to make forts with others. Items like a cushion, blanket, favourite toy. 
For our shared morning tea, please bring along a little something to share. We ask that there is nothing with Peanuts and that you try to bring something savoury rather than sweet food. NO drinks are needed we have plenty of water on tap!

* Sausage Sizzle- it's Tūhura's turn to be in charge of running this. We require two parents to support this as it is a PTA event. "He waka eke noa"- we're all in this together. Please let Theresa Aitchison know if you are available to help.
Order via KINDO

* Last day of term!

Have a lovely weekend!

Molly & Paula

Week 6

Kia ora Whānau Yes it is camp week. It feels like just the other day we we were starting the year and you all found out we go on camp in N...